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Nathan Willis Wedding Films


The biggest mistake of our wedding day was not hiring a wedding cinematographer, and we're on a mission to make sure no other couple makes the same mistake.

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Beach Elopement Wedding Inspiration

Every time a Lauren Kinsey email hits my inbox, I know a happy dance is right around the corner. And today, m'dears, is certainly no exception. She partnered with Alee Willis and Nathan Willis Wedding Films for a beach elopement inspiration shoot and the results left us flat-out speechless. Get ready to...


Little Rock Wedding from Nathan Willis Wedding Films + Cottonwood Studios Worldwide

My heart has a special place reserved for high school sweethearts. It's right there next to baby kisses and little kittens learning to walk. They are maybe the sweetest, ever. So when a set high school sweethearts all grown up has a wedding beautifully captured by both Nathan Willis Wedding Films and Cottonwood Studios Worldwide, my little heart feels like...


Jackson Wedding Film from Nathan Willis Wedding Films

"Here's to your first love being your last love." How stinking cute is that? That is what one of the guests at this wedding wrote to the couple. They were wed in a sweet as can be soiree in Jackson, and our lovely LBBer Nathan Willis Wedding Films was there to capture the joy of the day in one of our favorite ways possible - with some extra fabulous wedding cinematography. So sit back and take it in this morning my loves...


Little Rock Wedding from Melissa McCrotty + Finishing Touch Event Design

Just as this wedding is mostly neutrals with a fabulous pop of color in the most exciting places, it is also mostly wonderful with a fabulous pop of glamour in the most deserving places. With Melissa McCrotty Photography behind the lens and Finishing Touch Event Design behind the florals and the design, this couple had everything they needed to celebrate in style.


Lake City Wedding by Nathan Willis Wedding Films

This DIY wedding is almost too cute for words! I love all the unique touches they created to make their day special and memorable from the homemade signs directing guests to the sweet, fabric flowers carried by the bridesmaids and bride. And the film by Nathan Willis Wedding Films set to a fun remake of Pete Townshend's "Let My Love Open the Door" is so fun and upbeat, you can't help but watch with a huge grin on your face!